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When the pavement ends, the fun begins

If you feel that pavment is what you use to get to the track, no worries, we’ve got something for you. AMP’s purpose built dirt section is a great way to hone your skills without leaving the city to do it. AMP has a supermoto course that, in addition to the 700ft straightaway, challenging esses, and infamous banked Little Monza turn, has a dirt section with jumps, a banked turn, and tabletop section. Its no wonder that AMA Supermoto riders like Jeff Ward make AMP their practice home.

Supermoto / Pocket Bike / Minimoto Pricing

Practice Rider: $80.00 or $60.00 if you preregister online or have a valid membership.

Pit Pass: $20.00

*Motorcycle must be no larger than 450cc.

Check the schedule before coming out!

Contact us for large events or facility rentals.